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ELECTROLUX  |  SKU: 243186

ELECTROLUX Built-In Microwave EMT25507OX


  • The compact combination of power and style: Make the most of your kitchen space with a microwave that includes a fan oven and grill too.
  • Part of the Electrolux compact range, our combi microwave lets you defrost, heat, roast, crisp and brown – all in one versatile, stylish design.
  • Merge cooking methods for quicker meals: Combine two types of power at once – traditional oven and microwave – to cook faster.
  • The microwave shortens cooking times while the fan browns and preserves texture simultaneously, making tempting meals in a fraction of the usual time.
  • Immediate feedback on how your dish is doing: Just shoot one quick glance at this microwave’s clear digital display and you’ll get immediate feedback on how your dish is doing
  • Microwave for fully integrated built-in installation
  • Microwave power: 900 Watt, 9 levels
  • Grill power: 1100 Watt
  • Cooking modes: Convection, Grill, Microwave, Microwave & Convection, Microwave & Grill


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ELECTROLUX Built-In Microwave EMT25507OX

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