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CASIO  |  SKU: 237561



  • Plastic Keys, 10 + 2 Digits: Designed with plastic keys for easy operation and features a display with 10 digits for the mantissa and 2 digits for the exponential part.
  • Non-Programmable: Adheres to a non-programmable design, ensuring compliance with examination and testing regulations.
  • Non-Graphing: Does not include graphing capabilities, focusing on essential numerical calculations.
  • Number of Functions: 244: Provides a set of 244 functions, offering versatility for various mathematical tasks.
  • Independent Memory (M / M+ / M-): Features independent memory functions (M, M+, M-) for convenient storage and retrieval of intermediate results.
  • Answer Memory: Retains an answer memory feature, allowing users to recall the result of the latest calculation.
  • Memory Protection: Incorporates memory protection to prevent accidental loss or corruption of stored data.
  • Reset Function: Includes a reset function for clearing calculations and resetting the calculator to default settings.
  • Approximate Battery Life: The main battery has an approximate lifespan of 2 years, ensuring extended usage.
  • Auto Power Off: Features an auto-power-off function to conserve battery life when the calculator is not in use.
  • Compact Dimensions: Measures 161.5 × 77 × 13.8 mm, providing a compact and portable form factor for easy carrying and storage.


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