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CASIO  |  SKU: 266539



  • Variables: Supports up to 9 variables for versatile mathematical calculations.
  • Variables List: Includes a variables list for convenient reference and management.
  • Answer Memory: Retains an answer memory feature, storing the result of the latest calculation.
  • Function Memory: Incorporates function memory for quick access to frequently used mathematical functions.
  • Memory Protection: Ensures memory protection to safeguard stored data from accidental loss.
  • Reset Function: Features a reset function for clearing calculations and starting anew.
  • Compact Dimensions: Measures 162 × 77 × 10.7 mm, providing a compact and portable form factor.
  • Solar & Battery Powered: Operates on both solar power and battery, offering flexibility and reliability in various lighting conditions.
  • Approximate Battery Life: Main battery has an approximate lifespan of 2 years, ensuring long-lasting usability.
  • Auto Power Off: Includes an auto power-off feature for energy conservation when the calculator is not in use.


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