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EASTPAK  |  SKU: 264264

EASTPAK KOOLER Powder Pilot, One Size EK0A5B9SU59

$33.00 $77.00

  • Design: A versatile backpack featuring a main compartment and a zip-fastening front pocket for convenient storage and quick access.
  • Height: 49 cm, Width: 29 cm, Depth: 21 cm
  • Main Compartment: Spacious main compartment for accommodating various items, making it ideal for daily use, travel, or outdoor activities.
  • Front Pocket: Zip-fastening front pocket providing easy access to essentials like keys, wallet, or a smartphone.
  • Practical Size: With a height of 49 cm, width of 29 cm, and depth of 21 cm, it strikes a balance between ample storage space and a compact design.


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EASTPAK KOOLER Powder Pilot, One Size EK0A5B9SU59

$33.00 $77.00
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