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KENWOOD Tea Maker TMG70.000CL

$79.00 $157.00

  • The Kenwood tea maker extract a perfect and unique flavor for 4 different types of tea ( Green Tea, Red Tea, Oolong Tea and Black Tea )
  • The magic circle of brewing is perfect for both leaf tea and tea bags, water continuously through the handle and infuses the tea extracting a perfect and unique flavor and aroma
  • This tea maker comes with 4 different water temperature selection ( 75◦C -167◦F to 90◦C-194◦F )
  • The Kenwood Automatic Tea Maker comes with glass body, 1.2L capacity with removable filter Cover and filter for easy clean.
  • Infusion time that helps to prepare perfect different tea's ( Green Tea-2.5mins, Red Tea-3.5mins, Oolong Tea-3.5mins and Black Tea-5mins )


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KENWOOD Tea Maker TMG70.000CL

$79.00 $157.00
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