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KORKMAZ  |  SKU: 260088

KORKMAZ Galaksi Low Casserole 26 cm A2954


  • Size: 26x7.5cm
  • Granite Coating: The cookware features a granite coating, providing a non-stick surface for easy food release.
  • Extra Resistance and Equipment Against Scratching: Designed with extra resistance and equipment to protect against scratching, enhancing durability.
  • Easy to Clean: The cookware is easy to clean, offering convenience in maintenance after cooking.
  • Environmentally Friendly Production Technology: Manufactured using environmentally friendly production technology, emphasizing sustainability and eco-conscious manufacturing practices.


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A2954 Galaksi Low Casserole 26 cm : Fattal Online Magnet Shop Lebanon

KORKMAZ Galaksi Low Casserole 26 cm A2954

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