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LEIFHEIT  |  SKU: 269374

LEIFHEIT 3221 Handheld spiralizer


  • 3-in-1 Blade Insert - With three different blades of the vegetable cutter, they can cut into fine or coarse veg spaghetti as well as wide vegetable tagliatelle up to a diameter of 0.7 cm
  • Safe to Use - Leifheit Sprilaizer has a food holder. So the vegetables can be processed to the last bit without injured fingertips. Vegetable slicer, veggie noodles healthy veggie
  • Useful size - The hand held spiralizer takes fruit and veg up to 7 cm in diameter. Vegetable tagliatelle
  • Convenient to use - Easy to change blades. Blades are stored in the cutter so they do not get lost in the draw or cupboard. Spiral cutter, potato slicer


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LF 3221 Handheld spiralizer : Fattal Online Magnet Shop Lebanon

LEIFHEIT 3221 Handheld spiralizer

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