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LEIFHEIT  |  SKU: 269371

LEIFHEIT 3225 Kitchen tweezer 30cm


  • Ideal for grilling - the large frying tweezers from Leifheit perfect for grilling. Whether roasting, grilling or serving.
  • The kitchen tweezers from Leifheit prove to be an all-round talent.
  • Practical kitchen aid
  • The kitchen tweezers are also suitable for serving the plate or for decorating chocolates, cakes and desserts.
  • Easy to clean: made of rust-proof material, the tweezers can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and then stored on the hook rail thanks to the hanging loop? Box contents: Leifheit kitchen tweezers 30 cm made of stainless steel, with hanging loop, dishwasher-safe, item number 3225.


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LF 3225 Kitchen tweezer 30cm : Fattal Online Magnet Shop Lebanon

LEIFHEIT 3225 Kitchen tweezer 30cm

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