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Oral-B Refill EB10-2K S Brush Set StarWars


  • Kid-Friendly Design: Uniquely crafted electric toothbrush heads designed specifically for children, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable brushing experience.
  • Star Wars Fun: Make brushing teeth exciting for kids with Star Wars characters featured on the toothbrush heads, turning oral care into a playful adventure.
  • Optimal Size and Softness: Designed with the ideal size and softness to suit children's mouths, providing a gentle yet effective cleaning process for developing teeth and gums.
  • Full Compatibility: Compatible with the complete Oral-B stages power kids electric rechargeable toothbrush handle lineup, offering versatility for parents with multiple Oral-B devices.
  • Excludes Sonic Models: Please note that these toothbrush heads are not compatible with Oral-B sonic toothbrushes, ensuring clarity for consumers using other Oral-B products.
  • Durable and Safe: Crafted from high-quality materials, these toothbrush heads prioritize safety and durability, meeting Oral-B's standards for reliable oral care products.
  • Encourages Healthy Habits: Featuring Star Wars characters and a child-friendly design, these toothbrush heads inspire and motivate children to embrace and maintain good oral hygiene practices.
  • Easy Replacement: Simple and hassle-free replacement process, allowing parents to easily swap toothbrush heads for a hygienic and efficient brushing routine.
  • Trusted Oral Care Brand: Backed by Oral-B's reputation for excellence in oral care, providing parents with confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their children's toothbrush heads.


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Oral-B Refill EB10-2K S Brush Set StarWars

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